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NGO «Development of Civic Competences in Ukraine» – DOCCU is a non-profit public organization that operates on a democratic basis. DOCCU Projects: Development of Civic Competencies and DECIDE: Decentralization for the Development of Democratic Education, which are implemented by DOCCU, NGO. They are designed to improve the process of cooperation between public authorities, the education system and the public to create a democratic environment in local communities.

The Projects are aimed at the formation of democratic values and the development of civil society through the introduction of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education in Ukraine through the system of training and advanced training of civil servants, representatives of authorities, deputies of local councils, teachers, school leaders, students and representatives of civil society organizations. The Projects contribute to the active participation of citizens in the management of education; and the involvement of parents, students and teachers in the planning of joint social Projects with local authorities and the community. The experience gained in local community partners is disseminated throughout Ukraine, which will allow the transformation of schools into educational centres, which will contribute to the introduction of more democratic and responsible management of educational institutions and strengthen their role in public life. The Projects are designed to comprehensively support two key reforms: decentralization reform and education reform.

During the implementation of the Projects, cooperation and support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine, the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service, the State Service for Quality of Education, regional state administrations, public organizations, the Zurich Pedagogical University (ZPU) is important, which will provide international and Swiss expertise in the development of effective models of education management and will be a strategic advisory partner in the democratization of education systems.

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