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5 communities of the Odesa region were trained in project management within the framework of the «DECIDE: RECONSTRUCTION» initiative

As part of the Decide initiative to rebuild schools affected by hostilities, drafting trainings were held in 5 communities of the Odesa region. Future Projects will be devoted to the arrangement of school shelters and their use as educational hubs.

The trainings brought together more than 160 participants from the following 5 community partners of the DECIDE Project Initiative in the Odesa region:

  • Bilhorod-Dnistrovsk Community;

  • Krasnosilka Community;

  • Vyzyrka Community;

  • Avangardivka Community; and

  • Podilsk Community.

The DECIDE educational hubs are created with and for young people. Therefore, students and teachers joined the teams participating in the training.

Together with the DECIDE experts, school teams learned Project management and learned how to participate in decision-making in their communities. They created the design of the future space and created concepts of areas for learning and leisure, which they would like to see in the shelter.

Further, by voting from all declared Projects in each community, the winning Projects will be selected, which will be implemented during the arrangement and filling of hubs in shelters.

Conducting trainings in the Odesa region is a phase in the implementation of the «DECIDE: RECONSTRUCTION» large-scale initiative. Such trainings are also held in selected communities of the Chernihiv and Poltava regions.


«DECIDE: RECONSTRUCTION» is an initiative of the DECIDE Swiss-Ukrainian Project, which provides support to the territorial communities of Chernihiv, Odesa and Poltava regions affected by hostilities in the arrangement of school shelters, schools and inclusive resource centres. To this end, Switzerland assists Ukraine in the amount of 4.3 million francs.

Within the framework of the initiative, 15 territorial community participants were selected in the Chernihiv region, as well as 5 in the Odesa and Poltava regions each. Selected communities received a grant for the arrangement of a school shelter and the creation of an educational hub on its basis (purchased furniture, office equipment, equipment, etc.), as well as receiving expert support for this process. Trainings on Project management and fundraising will also be held for communities.

In addition, DECIDE implements 2 pilot special Projects. The first involves the restoration of School No. 13 in Chernihiv, which has more than a thousand students, including children from two destroyed local schools. The second one concerns the reconstruction of the Borodianka Inclusive Resource Center (Kyiv region).


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