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«DECIDE: RECONSTRUCTION»: more than 400 participants of the Chernihiv region took part in trainings on writing projects

A literary coffee shop, a recreation and creativity area, and a ‘quiet room’ are just a few of the more than 45 projects developed by pupils and students of the Chernihiv region schools.

Children learned to bring their ideas to life at reconstruction project development trainings organized by experts of the DECIDE Swiss-Ukrainian project within the framework of the DECIDE: RECONSTRUCTION initiative.

More than 400 participants from five Chernihiv schools and nine territorial communities of the region joined the trainings.

Next, the Project applications will be considered by the DECIDE experts. Teams will make recommendations for changes to them. Students in each territorial community will then cast votes among all the generated ideas to select one to win a grant.

In any case, voting for projects is already taking place in the Chernihiv schools. The territorial communities of the region intend to choose the winners by the end of May.


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