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«DECIDE: RECONSTRUCTION»: Project writing trainings completed in the Poltava region

More than a dozen projects for the arrangement of shelters were developed by students of the Poltava region during trainings organized within the framework of the «DECIDE: RECONSTRUCTION» initiative. More than 160 participants from 5 territorial community partners of the DECIDE Project initiative joined the Project Management training.

Project writing trainings were held in the following territorial communities:

  • Myrhorod Terytorial Community;

  • Tereshky Terytorial Community;

  • Poltava Terytorial Community;

  • Reshetylivka Terytorial Community;

  • Velyki Budyshcha Territorial Community.

Pupils have the chance to take part in the restoration of their schools and territorial communities throughout the training. They together with the DECIDE experts, school teams learned Project Management and learned how to participate in decision-making in their territorial communities.

They created about the design of the future space and created concepts of areas for learning and leisure, which they would like to see in the shelter. Next, the winning project will be determined by voting.


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