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Education Development Strategy in Poltava Region until 2027: work on the document has been completed

During the forum on Strategic Priorities for the Education Development in Poltava Region, which was organized by the Swiss-Ukrainian Project DECIDE with the assistance of Poltava Regional State Administration, the Education Development Strategy of the region until 2027 was presented.

During the event, participants discussed the current state of education in Poltava Region and how to respond to new challenges posed by war. The Education Development Strategy of the region takes into account changes aimed at overcoming the consequences of the full-scale invasion of Russia and improving the education system in the post-war period.

«Poltava Region was the first region in which we started to develop the Education Development Strategy. However, the full-scale invasion made adjustments to all spheres of our life, and education is no exception. New challenges have arisen in terms of access to safe education, which we have taken into account, and now we have a working document corresponding to the realities of wartime. However, to ensure that the document does not remain only on paper, it is important for each community to participate in the implementation of the Strategy», — said Valentyna Poltorak, DECIDE Project manager.

The working group of Poltava Regional Military Administration has been developing the document for more than 1.5 years. DECIDE experts supported the entire cycle of developing the strategic document. The Strategy was developed based on the Results-Based Management approach.

The implementation of the Education Development Strategy in Poltava Region is planned for 2023-2027.


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