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In the Prylymanske Lyceum the shelter was updated within the framework of the initiative «DECIDE: RECONSTRUCTION»

An updated shelter was presented in the Prylimansky Lyceum in the Odesa region. Repair and equipping took place with the support of the DECIDE Swiss-Ukrainian Project within the framework of the «DECIDE: RECONSTRUCTION» initiative.

The DECIDE project invested UAH 3.8 million in the repair and arrangement of the shelter. Another UAH 6.5 million was invested by the territorial community.

The updated shelter has modern furniture, a STEM laboratory, sports equipment, robotics, a photo studio and computer equipment. The shelter turned out to be truly modern and comfortable.

The pupils themselves determined what the shelter would look like. The DECIDE Experts taught schoolchildren to write projects on the arrangement of shelters and their use as educational hubs.

The result is that pupils created three projects, for which the whole school voted. Children’s ideas include a sports corner, an entertainment space, and a the KinoZavr Project, which collected the most votes.

«Finally, all classes of the Lyceum went to intramural study. During alarms, we go down to the shelter and it is very comfortable to stay there. I love all these ottomans, and sofas. Everyone can find something they like. Someone can learn, and someone can play. Such an atmosphere allows you to feel safe at such a time», the pupil Katarina Tiukhtii said.


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